Thursday, November 16, 2017

Comfy Cozy Paleo Breakfast

This is a recharge meal.  All of natures finest to make a perfect post workout meal. 

Warm almond mylk.  Nut bread that has all the nutrients intact. I didn't bake this. I dehydrated it a low temperature to keep the enzymes and mineral whole and in touch.  Cashew cream cheese in a thin layer makes this better than any bagel and cream cheese I have ever had. 

Yes. This requires some planning.  I made the bread on the weekend and froze it in individual portions to enjoy all week long.  

I am loving how I feel when I eat whole food in their best form. 

Nom nom!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Baked Potato Soup - Dairy free! Low cal!

This is my latest decadent edible.  This bowl contains 1/2 of a Japanese yam (I chose this because it's high in vitamins and is white like a Russet potato), one slice of red onion and 12 cashews.  Blended with water in the Vitamix to make a creamy hot soup that easily rivals any restaurant appetizer.  

Reserve a little potato to stir in after blending for texture and chunkiness. 

Top with fresh herbs and more chopped red onion. 

You can always make this with a plain white potato or try a sweet potato for a more colorful sweet tryst!

This was so easy and so cheap it's sinful!  

185 fabulous calories. 

Nom mom. 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Green Powder, Is it Worth the Hype?

I love green powder.  It adds a nice boost to my juices and smoothies. It is great for muscle recovery.  I am less sore after workouts and weight training.  My migraines are less severe and less frequent. I retain less water. The benefits for me go on and on.  

I tried this brand on an flash sale.  I'm always looking for a bargain!  I normally use Amazing Grass or use my own homegrown wheatgrass.  These are faithful products in my arsenal and not to be taken lightly when considering replacing them. 

This Naturelo product proved to be a good choice. It blends smoothly and is easy to add to a shaker bottle if you don't have time to blend.  

I found the taste to be a mild and unnoticeable addition to my post workout shake. It mixes smoothly and is easy to use when I am in a rush and don't have time to cut, harvest and juice wheatgrass.  

Verdict: I would purchase again. I think my beloved Amazing Grass has met it's match.  

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Vegan Breakfast Loaves

These are happy little loaves to make for breakfast or a hearty snack. Once you get your pantry stocked with nuts and dried fruits, this is an easy snack to make the nights before.  If you eat it for breakfast it's even better, because it will come out of the dehydrator warm and delicious when you wake up!

Do NOT go out and buy a bunch of nuts to make this loaf.  Month by month purchase nuts in bulk to stock your freezer or pantry.   Once you have the ingredients on hand with no effort and no extra expenditures, go for it. 

Here is the batter ready to fold in more goodies!

Here are the loaves ready to "bake". 

I make the batter with almonds, pecans, walnuts, apple cider vinegar, vanilla, water, olive oil and a dash of pink salt. Then once creamy, I fold in nuts and dried fruit.  Make little loaves. Put in dehydrator overnight. 

Omg!  Topped with fresh fruit purée, this is delish.  You can also serve this with a little olive oil drizzled on top while warm along with a dash of salt (to mimic the flavor of butter) in the morning and this is the perfect take along breakfast!

You can freeze these when done "baking" for future use.  They keep about 3 days in the refrigerator.  

As you can see, I make these in my Nesco (cheap) round style dehydrator. You can also make this into a full loaf if you have an Excalibur or similar type larger dehydrator that will accommodate a larger size full loaf. 

This is easy and doesn't require any exotic ingredients.  Stay tuned for the ebook where I detail the recipe and varieties on the loaf. 

Nom nom!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Southern Style Indulgence

Sometimes you have to splurge!  Indulge!  Treat yourself. 

I was craving some of my mother's southern fries fish. So I went to the market and found this wild caught fish on sale for just over $3 a lb!  

I dredged it in seasoned cornmeal. Pan fried (not deep fried) it in light olive oil.  And proceeded to stuff my face with fish and my Vegan Cheese Grits.  

This was a Sunday treat.  I felt no remorse.  I ate green juice for breakfast that day.  I had green tea for an after dinner beverage. 

I lost 2 lbs of water that Monday.  So don't tell me you can't indulge while on a health journey. You just need to be smart and keep it as a treat, not a regular occurrence.  

My pants still fit just fine. :-)

Bon appetite!

Southern Style Cheese Grits (no cheese!)

These are quick cooking grits that I simmered in Cajun spices, light olive oil, nutritional yeast and then garnished with chopped red onion and parsley. 

If you eat fish, please grill some shrimp and top these grits with some shrimp as a tribute to New Orleans style shrimp and cheese grits! 

Good Lord!  These are phenomenal!!! Healthy fats!  Fabulous flavor!  Unbelievable dupe of a southern classic !

Win. Win. Win!!!

Yummmmm yummmmm!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Quick Cheap Dinner! Miso Soup!

An easy way to cure all that ails is to have a bowl of noodle soup. If you want to feel all warm and cozy sans chickens and other birds.... Here's an option that is loaded with vitamins and is soothing to the soul. 

This is white miso broth with a bounty of fresh herbs, firm tofu, angel hair noodles and crushed red pepper.  So easy to throw together on a fall night. 

Easy peasy and cheap!

Bon appetit!