Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Simple Mono Meals -Take Out & Carry On CHEAP!

One of the problems I run into trying to eat healthy is eating on the go.  Let's face it, take out salads are usually YUCK. Brown wilted lettuce, dry toppings, processed bits of I don't know what....not the picture of health.  One time I went to a fast food place and ordered a salad and it smelled like a swimming pool!  Chlorine was overpowering me. Uck!

The other option for me is to stop at a local grocer and pick up raw or organic treats.  My favorites are Brad's Raw Kale Chips($6.99), a half gallon of fresh squeezed juice ($14), and a large salad from an organic salad bar ($12) you can see, that adds up and is really not practical on a daily basis.  I choose to budget my money differently than that.  

Planning a little in advance and prepping your own to go food at home and taking it with you, pays off in multiple ways. 

One---You know the source of your food.  You don't have to worry about if Jane in the back washed the fruit or if little Bonny sneezed on it.  You washed it and packed it at home. If you sneezed on it, you only have your own germs to worry about. 

Two---It goes without saying that you can buy whole food for much less at a grocery or warehouse than at a restuarant, but I'm gonna say it anyway.  Save your money and buy whole food, not processed treats.  Shop at grocery stores. You get more for your money. 

Three---Self care is key.  There is something very gratifying to me about feeding myself fresh, whole, real food. This is how I take care of myself.  This is how I invest in my health.  My diet is one of the few things I can control.  

Below you see my grapes all ready for the snacking in a lock top container. (BPA free)  

Here you see my lovely fresh juices all packed in their glass containers and ready to head out in my cooker bag. 

I have some cool glass straws and sippy tops for these babies and we are gonna hit the streets!

Voila!  Enjoy your day!

Pretty Platters - Make Your Food Look Goooooood!

I like to invest in pretty platters and plates to make my meals more attractive.   Remember you eat with your eyes first!

This is the latest addition to my serveware.  Isn't she pretty?

This is a low calorie (wink wink), low cost way to make healthy food more exciting. 

This is part of the Temptations collection from 

Yesterday I had some banging blueberries in this platter!  I ate them too fast to take a picture but hopefully you get the idea. 

Meal time is special.  Treat yourself like a king or queen and display your food with pride and joy.  Always show thanks for your meal and Bon Appetite!  

Veggie Stir Fry ! OH MY!!!

This is my absolute favorite dinner.  Big huge azz skillet full of greens and veggies sautéed in a little olive oil.  I swear I have dropped 4% bodyfat eating this most every night.  It's way better than a crunchy cold salad in frigid winter temps. 

I warm some olive oil. Try lemon flavored olive oil sometime. It is awesome!!!  Then I dump my greens and veggies in the skillet and toss them.  Easy peasy. No.  I don't wilt them or cook them through.  I leave them in the skillet just long enough to warm them. 

This skillet is made up of Power Greens from Costco, Bok Choy, fresh carrots and Kale salad that needed to be eaten before it went bad. 

Bon appetit!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Teeth!! My Teeth!!

Cheap Personal Care Prods That Work

Here are some household items that you can use to replace current things you use.   These products work well and will cost you less overall than commercial products.  Best of all, you will lessen the chemicals you are exposed to.  Hopefully that will be better for all of our health in the long run. 

Toothpaste Substitute

I currently stick a wet toothbrush into a box of baking sofa and put one to two drops of peppermint oil on the brush after I dip it. Easy. My teeth are cleaner and whiter than they have been in a long time.

When I travel I use Tom's of Maine.  I don't have time to try to get baking soda and peppermint oil past airport security.  Know what I mean???


Fill a cup with 2 ounces of water and add one drop or two of peppermint oil.  Swish swish ......

Freshest breath you will ever have!  I promise. 

Body wash

I love Dr Bronners.  It's a little more expensive upfront than soap but a large bottle lasts FOREVER!  My fan favorite is peppermint and lavendar.  I use unscented for the kids. 

Body oil

I use olive oil. Yes.....Pure olive oil.  It's cheap, nourishing and it lasts and lasts.  My love to put it on wet skin after a warm shower. 

Facial cleanser

I steam my skin with a little olive oil.  I tried coconut oil and even Proactiv products.... But my skin looks better and is less dry and acne prone with just a dab of pure olive oil on damp skin. I wet my skin. Apply olive oil.  Then remove the oils and any makeup etc with a warm wet wash cloth.    

Using these prods helps me avoid plasticizers, chemicals, BPA and other harmful elements I prefer to stay away from.  

Here's to health!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mono Meals Save Money ---$ 2.99 breakfast

Take that IHOP!  Just kidding.....  Don't call me IHOP.  I'm a fan of your silver dollar pancakes on my cheat day. :)

This is how I had breakfast the other day.  I washed a huge container of strawberries I got from the Asian market for $2.99. I trimmed them and put them on a platter to enjoy for breakfast.  (Platter is shown after I consumed about half the strawberries while I was snacking and adjusting the light for the picture..... Heehee)

I also had a hemp shake after my workout. Bulk hemp protein purchased from  

Altogether this meal cost me about $5. 

Bon appetit!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Vegan Minestrone

You can serve this warm or chilled or room temperature.  I like it room temp.  So fresh and bright and lovely. This is literally my everything but the kitchen sink soup!  

For this recipe:

Juice tomatoes, celery and red peppers
Add some celery salt (if you like)

Then add any fresh veggies you like, herbs, jalepeno peppers and sprouts. 

Tip----Chop the veggies in different shapes...mince, dice, shred.  This will make the soup more fun to eat. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day in the Life of Cheap and Raw


32 oz Orange grapefruit and mint juice


Four bananas and 1/2 cup of cashew mylk


Rest of orange juice from breakfast


Pineapple and spinach smoothie

Large kale salad with cranberries and pumpkin seeds

Veggies and fruit give me energy like no other!