Sunday, November 20, 2016

Easy Nutrition Boost/Detox

I am going to super boost my system before the holidays.  I usually manage to eat pretty healthy during the holidays but this year I am using the prep time before the relatives descend upon my home to prep my body.  Let's face it, holidays are stressful. And I am particularly stressed this year.  Whew!  
So while I clean the house and cook the food I will boost my body. I plan to workout a little more and infuse my system with plenty of raw fruits and veggies and whole plant foods.  

Here's my basic menu for each day: 

Frozen fruit smoothies with greens. I will vary the fruit daily. 

Blue spirulina for inflammation. This is good to combat the migraines the holidays usually bring for me. Blame stress from housekeeping, constant visitors and the oven being on all day. Perfect. Storm.  

Green juice.  I plan to drink 64 ounces a day.  I will make my own or purchase some on the go. 

I use this juice as "fast food".  Not ideal but better than a burger.  Don't judge me. 

Huge salad once or twice a day with greens and avocado. I will most likely add carrots and red cabbage. 

Banana Nice-Cream. I use frozen bananas and fruit to make a custard like dessert that is totally healthy and wonderfully delicious.  I will serve this after dinner on Thanksgiving as well. 

So there it is. My base meal plan for the holidays.  I will serve my guests lots of greens, fresh fruit, vegan pies and healthy desserts that will be sooooo good!  I will also prepare traditional dishes for them like roast turkey (not a favorite of mine) and stuffing.  I will do my best to make my guests feel welcome in my home. I will not make them feel judged because they eat meat or isolate myself from them because I don't really eat animal products anymore.

(I'm also gonna have a martini.  Again, I repeat, don't judge me.) lol

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday and uses the time to love themselves and the ones who love you.  Take care of yourself and show compassion and sweetness to your family and friends.  

Bon appetit!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Thanksgiving Fun

I'm totally doing this for my babies this year.  I love this turkey!!!