Friday, February 13, 2015

Mono Meals Save Money ---$ 2.99 breakfast

Take that IHOP!  Just kidding.....  Don't call me IHOP.  I'm a fan of your silver dollar pancakes on my cheat day. :)

This is how I had breakfast the other day.  I washed a huge container of strawberries I got from the Asian market for $2.99. I trimmed them and put them on a platter to enjoy for breakfast.  (Platter is shown after I consumed about half the strawberries while I was snacking and adjusting the light for the picture..... Heehee)

I also had a hemp shake after my workout. Bulk hemp protein purchased from  

Altogether this meal cost me about $5. 

Bon appetit!


  1. How are your strawberries? The ones I'm getting in SC are still out of season. Kind of tasteless even after being sliced, sprinkled in sugar and sitting for about four hours.

  2. The costco near me has nice strawberries. So does the Asian market. They are out of season though so I am not surprised if yours aren't sweet yet. Hang in there. Spring is coming!