Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Sunday Brunch Series -- Homemade Tofu Scramble (for former scrambled egg lovers)

I used to love those packets of spice that you could use to sprinkle over tofu to make it like scrambled eggs.  They don't make it anymore or at least I can't find it. Bummer .....

Tofu scramble is one of my favorite substitutes for scrambled eggs. Basically you would mash some tofu, brown it and sprinkle the spice mix over it. Even an inexperienced chef can make that magic happen. 

Well....since they discontinued my favorite I thought I would try something on my own today. So into my magic genie bottle of tricks I went. And here's what I came up with. 

I chopped up a red pepper, 1/4 cup of yellow onion, 3-4 baby Portabella mushrooms, 5-6 broccoli florets, and 1/2 cup of extra firm tofu smashed up into little bits with a fork. 

First I browned the onions and tofu in about a tablespoon of olive oil on medium heat. Don't turn or flip them so the bottom continues to brown and give you that scrambled egg texture. 

Then I dumped the fresh chopped vegetables on top. 
Aren't they beautiful?!!!  Come to me my little pretties!

I simmered the whole pan on low just until the brocolli got a little soft.  (I like my veggies don't have to be like me.  You can eat the veggies completely raw or simmer longer to break their hearts (make them softer) :-)
Here she is all plated up.  This won't last very long. I'm starving. 

This is one serving.  Share if you must. 

Bon apetit!

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