Thursday, June 25, 2015

Food Haul Savings RULE!

Do not underestimate the power of a food haul!

I went to the local Asian market and stocked a completely empty pantry the other day.  All this produce and food cost me $55!  I got a case of mangoes for $7 (9 mangoes ....1 is not pictured cus I ate it....sue me. LOL)

This will last me a week and my family a week. 

Check out local ethnic markets. You can save bundles of money if you work it correctly.  Stay in the produce area....not the aisles. I saw a small container of Tide laundry detergent for $16?!!  Nuff said. see all this lovely abundance.  Can you say "Nice!!!!!"

Nom nom!!!!


  1. I know you're in the DMV, which markets do you frequent

  2. Lotte Market is my favorite. They are all over the DMV. :-)