Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beach Bag To Go!

Packing healthy snacks when you're going to be outside all day can be a challenge.  When I'm at work I have access to a fridge.  I take my blender with me to make smoothies if I want. It is way easier to manage my healthy lifestyle when I'm in one place. Even easier with electricity. Lol!   It's also pretty easy in a car or if I'm out and about all day. The cooler bag keeps things cool in an air conditioned car and I can always stop at a grocery store if I need a snack.  

But what do you do if you are going to be outside all day in the heat? What if the only foods around are unhealthy beach treats like funnel cake and hot dogs?

Here's how I survive the beach feast!---

I pack a freezer bag with some goodies to tide us over for the day. Thankfully my kid is usually so excited about the beach and the water play, he doesn't even notice the funnel cake truck and ice cream shoppe. 

To prep I make some raw crackers out of carrot pulp the day before.  I also put some glass bottles (half full) of filtered water in the freezer to use as ice packs in the cooler bag. Fill them in the morning with more water and Bonus! They melt throughout the day and serve us up with fresh cold water all day. 

The snacks I pack are fresh fruits, crackers, brown rice cakes, frozen water, figs and dates, Kind bars, some sprouted raw nuts, paper towels and cloth napkins for clean up and empty plastic bags for trash and fruit seeds.  I also take some of my son's favorite organic tortilla chips. 

Normally I would also pack a small paring knife for fruit that needs to be peeled and also some bananas, cut up celery, cucumbers and carrots, if I have them on hand. 

We do indulge in some standard treats at the beach but it's not an all out fat feast for days on end. I try to buffer some of our less healthy choices with fresh raw ripe fruits and veggies as well as some other healthful goodies so that we can enjoy the sunshine AND health on our vacation. 

Carpe diem!

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