Thursday, June 4, 2015

What I Ate Today - Fresh and Organic Style!

One of the hardest things for a lot of people to overcome is how to eat healthy on the go. 

I have to say that living a whole life style is not that difficult if you are committed and don't care what others think. My coworkers have teased me about my green drinks. laughed at my big bag of fruit and marveled at my huge salad bowl. I truly don't care.  That's the first step.  I could not care any less about what others think about how I eat and neither should you. 

One time a colleague of mine said "how can you drink that green sludge?"  I replied "how can you drink that brown chemical concoction?" I was drinking homemade grape and apple juice.  She was drinking what I call the "toxic cocktail" - Coke or Pepsi, one of the brown sodas the vending machine produces. Yuck!  At least I know what's in mine and mine can't clean a car engine.  GTFOHWTBS! I don't ask people about their food or ridicule their choices.  I expect the same in return. But if you poke me, I bite. 


Here is an example of what I pack to take to work with me when I am not gonna be able to get out for lunch or dinner. I buy in bulk of course!  Then I prep everything the day before. 

Here I have about 3 or 4lbs of fruit, one 32 ounce jar of fresh strawberry and watermelon juice, one 16 ounce jar of watermelon and celery juice, one 32 ounce jar of lemon water.  I also throw some figs, nuts and dates in a ziploc bag to snack on. (Not shown here)

Everything gets packed in watertight containers and put into a reusable shopping bag so I can cart it off to work. If I am catching a train or going to be in the car all day, I would have put this in a backpack lined with a plastic bag and a towel in the rare instance that anything spills.  I also sometimes will pack the fruit in ziploc bags to save space. Use a cold pack and a thermal type bag if you aren't going to be indoors and able to put your food in a fridge. 

Easy peasy!


  1. This looks so good! I love having fresh fruit for cheap when the weather warms up.