Saturday, November 22, 2014

The "I'm Broke" Shopping Lists!

Somebody asked me how to eat raw or vegan on a tight budget. Here's my tips:

*1. If you are really low on funds.... 

Extra Large bag of spinach
Head of lettuce preferably green leaf or romaine but iceberg in a pinch
Case of bananas
Family size bag of frozen berries or other fruit

Goal: live on smoothies and fresh bananas

*2. If you are "broke" but surviving....

Get all the above plus a party size bag of raw almonds to make almond milk and to put in shakes or to snack on

Goal: still living on smoothies but with some variety

*3. If you just need a budget grocery list...

Get all the above from both lists and add:

-A bag of organic apples (for juice and lunch bag snack)
-A large bag of organic carrots (for salad and juice)
-Large cucumbers for juice and salads (cucumbers net a lot of liquid so they are great for budget juicing)
-Large family size bag of lettuce/carrot/cabbage salad blend (this variety is cheap)
-Bag of organic lemons (for morning cleanse and salad dressings)
-Bag of onions or garlic for immune boosting and seasoning
-Zucchini for "pasta"
-Canned organic tomatoes or fresh if you can afford it 
-tofu or tempeh
-Bag of walnuts for 'meatballs' and nut burgers
-Sunburgers or other non gmo veggie burger
-Cold pressed olive oil

Add in a B12 supplement and a multivitamin. I find the BOGO sales at drugstores and stock up when they have them.  Rite Aid and CVS and Walgreens are good candidates for this tactic.

Add in organic cruelty free eggs, seafood, poultry and grass fed beef if you are paleo or eat animal products 

Join a warehouse club like Costco, Sam's or Bj's and that will help you save 50% on grocery if you shop there consistently.  Trust me on this one.

I hope this helps someone. 

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