Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cheap Breakfast! Recipe of the Day Under $5

This is a quick, cheap breakfast.  This is one of my favs juices that I drink when I need to replenish the system after a long night of fun!  If you consume alcohol, this is a refreshing drink that can cure the hangover, along with some lemon water and Advil.  If you suffer from migraines, this is also good for those severe headaches.  The iron, minerals and vitamin C, coupled with the cold liquid, is sure to help soothe the soul.  Chase it with a B-12 supplement to boost your system and you will be feeling 100% in no time. Drink this and experience a health booster shot that is cheap, easy, leaves no dishes to wash.  I promise pure vibrant health will follow. I mean how can you go wrong with that?

3 oranges $.40
1 cup baby spinach $.75
1 red pepper $1.19
Dash of raw sugar, agave nectar, honey (if you want it sweeter, if not omit this step)

Add enough water to make it the consistency you prefer and blend in a high speed blender with ice.  I use a Vitamix, but for years I used an Oster blender from Salvation Army I picked up at a steal. When that burned out, I used a NutriBullet.  When that burned out, I shelled out the cash to get a Vitamix.  It has been worth every penny...let me tell you.  Reviews on appliances I suggest will come later.


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