Friday, November 28, 2014

Mini food haul on a budget! Under $20

Feeling sick and tired of Thanksgiving junk that is currently crowding my body was craving red foods.  Go figure?  So I went to Trader Joe's and picked up :

20 bananas $5.80
3 red peppers $3.57
4lb bag of organic oranges $3.49
A bag of organic carrots $.89

That should hold me a for a few days.

I'm all about healthy living on a budget.  And living on a budget is not easy.   I don't live in some small, low cost of living town. I'm in Washington DC metro. Where prices are high and stress is higher.  It is a challenge to say the least to live on a tight budget and still eat fresh, healthy, living foods......I love fruits and veggies.

Off to make some carrot orange spinach juice.....cheers!

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