Saturday, July 11, 2015

Traveling Fit --- Raw, Vegan, Paleo or Whatever

These are my rations I take when traveling all week with colleagues. I have no juicer, no access to a grocery store or farm market. I usually don't even have a car.

I fly with raw kale chips, organic oatmeal, organic raw meal replacement bars, fresh fruit, raw protein powder and a shaker cup.

I pack in my carry on dried fruits like figs and mango slices and a jar of nut butter in case I get laid over or delayed. 

I really try to keep it high raw and vegan while traveling. It balances my budget for restaurant expensive foods and also gives me breathing room if I can't find something healthy at a reasonable price. 

Also I bring my supplements- garlic, immune booster blend, green powder, coQ10, and mega doses of vitamin D. These keep my immune system boosted when traveling by plane and in odd places.  

You can be healthy on the road. I promise it can be just have to plan and try. 

Bon voyage!

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