Saturday, May 16, 2015

Orange Dreamsicle! Summer time deliciousness!

This recipe was inspired by a creamsicle recipe on the website

My version is a little easier in my opinion and has less sugar. 

For this recipe you will need to freeze some orange slices the day before. Peel the oranges and slice them into sections.   Lay the sections flat in a plastic bag or parchment bag. Then place the bag on a plate.  Try not to let the slices touch.  This will allow them to break apart easily when you get ready to use them. 

The next day you will need:

1/3 cup of canned coconut cream
4 oz of coconut water or filtered water or almond milk
1 tsp of real vanilla extract or a little vanilla bean scraping
1tbsp of organic sugar if you desire 

Add the orange slices and the above ingredients to the blender and blend until creamy and smooth. Scoop out and serve in bowls or cones.

Add a sprig of mint for garnish is you have some. If you don't, who cares??? This is sooooo sooooo good without it.  

Easy peasy.  You can mess this up. Enjoy!

CHEAP TIP: Use pure vanilla extract vs the bean. It's cheaper and last longer so you can have vanilla for multiple used.    

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