Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Adventures in Bread Making --- Cheap? Yes. Easy? Well....You decide.

Sooooo I decided to make my own bread.  Now...let's remember. I like things to be easy peasy and cheap!  This was easy...not peasy...but cheap. Lol!

I used a box mix, organic add on ingredients, the Vitamix to knead the dough (which was AWESOME!)....but it's took three hours to get the dough to rise in order to bake it.  Other than the three hour rising ....it was amazing.  
Step one ...follow box directions but use Vitamix cookbook and dry container to make the process much easier!

Step two. Put dough in a stoneware bowl to rise in the oven. 

Step three...let dough rise again....sigh...tick tock tick tock...I'm hungry!  Hate waiting !  

Step four.  Finally. Bake. And eat!  Delicious. This bread was wonderful.  I froze half the loaf.  

Next time I will make two loaves and freeze one because did I mention it was wonderful???!!  Yum mmmm eeeee!!!

Bon appetit. 

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