Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brown Baggin it...kind of...

In order to save money when eating healthy, I try to do two things.  

1. Buy my own food in bulk whenever I can. 

2. Make my own food whenever I can. 

I am not really a brown bag kinda girl. I don't like planning and packing and taking my food.  But let's face it, it's the best way to save money and still eat whole real foods.  I can spend $10 on ONE salad bar trip at Whole Foods or I can spend $6 on a bag of Kale Salad mix at Costco which gives me at least 3-4 large salads.  Cummon????  That's easy math to do. 

I invested in some nice containers with lids. BPA free plastic containers, glass containers with lids and Temptations Stoneware with lids.   These make lunch and snack time easy, portable and let's face it, pretty. Hey...presentation is everything. It's true that we eat with our eyes first. 

Here are my Veggie Burritos in Collard Wraps, along with sauce, all ready to go to work today. 

The containers nest in each other and I carry them in a reusable grocery bag. 

Bon Appetit!

First let's see what's inside...collard leaves destemmed and marinaded veggies, shredded and chopped for the filling. 

Next I nest the layers together and cover them to take to work. 

Each container has a lid so it's easy to pack everything up. 

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