Thursday, December 11, 2014

The 8 Minute Juice Feast!

Here are my tips to make juicing go faster:

Line the pulp catcher with a Baggie and then transfer the contents to compost or the fridge or freezer to use later in muffin or pancake batter. One less thing to clean. 

Invest in a hard bristle scrub brush to clean the blade with, if your machine didn't come with one. 

Fill the sink with soapy water before you start juicing, so you can wash everything as soon as your done. 

My first juicer was a little cheap Black and Decker. The mouth was small and the blades were dull so I yielded very little juice for my efforts.  And it took FOREVER to juice a batch because of the small mouth. When you're able to, invest in a quality juicer so that you save time on the juicing process. I recommend Omega Vert for quick slow press juicing or Breville for faster high speed juicing. I love that the Breville has a wide mouth so you can stuff it with produce.  You will also save money because you will yield more juice. 

Juice in one batch at night and freeze part of the batch for later.  This way you only have to juice once a day if you consume multiple portions. 

Wash all the produce first and put it in a bowl next to the juicer. 

Juice into a pitcher or line up glass bottles to fill and store your juice in as you go. 

Yesterday I juiced 50oz of carrot and vegetable juice. The process from start (washing veggies) to finish (cleaning the machine) took me 8 minutes. 



  1. Hi Havilland! Came over from LHCF. I have questions about freezing the juice in glass jars. Do I have to line the jars with plastic or just pour in the juice, leave a little space at the top and put the regular top on? Do you sit the jar in the fridge overnight to thaw for the next day or just have a healthy slush for the day?

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment! I leave a little room at the top of the jar and thaw it in my bag the next day. Yum!