Saturday, December 6, 2014

Fast Simple Low Cost Juicy Juice!

I love to juice carrots and celery. It's so easy, fast and healthy. The veggies are hearty enough to take the beating of a high speed juicer. The best part is that they are among the cheapest veggies you can buy to get a large volume of juice. Here you see my pretties getting ready to be pummeled. 

The quantity seen below (9-10 carrots and 9-10 celery sticks) makes about 48oz of juice in a Breville juicer.  I got my juicer on sale at Score!

I purchased the carrots and celery in my weekly Costco food haul. To me nothing beats warehouse shopping, if you like to juice and/or eat raw, fresh, organic veggies. 

*Cheap tip--- don't get sucked in by warehouse prices.  Only buy what you know you and your family will consume. Fresh Fruits and vegetables are highly perishable. So if you think you won't eat it all in a few days, buy the frozen varieties instead. 

I purchased this quantity for a week of juicing. I make 32-48 ounces at a time. 

Carrots 10lb bag $7.99

Celery sticks 2.5lb bag $4.99

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