Saturday, June 25, 2016

Homemade Sushi - Dinner "In" is Cheaper

Tonight I was craving a nice sushi dinner. But if you are like me, by the time you get to the restaurant and sit down, you forget your budget and you're ordering things you don't need.  Hunger forces you to buy appetizer foods that are too expensive and then the main portion of the meal ends up being wasted because you are too full to finish it.  Or worse, you finish your food and end up stuffed having spent too much money on one meal.  

Here's a way to save money and have some fun...make your own sushi at home. If you have kids, let them pick their own foods to place in the rolls and then they can have some fun in the kitchen with you.  

These are sushi rolls made with vegetables. No raw fish or meats in this batch. 

Nori sheets filled with:

Cooked brown rice tossed in soy sauce
Avocado slices
Red pepper slices
Lots of cilantro
Cayenne pepper

Served with:

Red pepper slices tossed in soy sauce and cracked black pepper. 

These would be good served with slices of wild salmon sashimi or grilled shrimp.  

Bon Appetit!!

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