Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Mono Meal --- Watermelon Island!

I have heard about a new tactic some foodies have been using to cleanse.  Eating one fruit for a whole day? Now I have heard of mono meals (one fruit for a meal) but not a mono "day".  They call it watermelon island.  Or banana island.....or "whatever fruit you choose" island.  Interesting concept.  A little too boring for me.  Although I admit doing similar things in the name of fad weight loss diets in my past....but I digress. 


This morning I tried a mono meal of just watermelon.  I had a half of a watermelon after my workout and it was delish!  I was full and energized all morning long. I don't know if I could eat watermelon all day and nothing else, but it was very refreshing as my breakfast this morning. 

Have you ever been to watermelon island?  I heard your poo starts to look like pink watermelon.  Lol! 

On that note.....Bon Apetit!

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