Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Meal Prep for Vegan Paleo Veggie Health Addicts

I follow a bodybuilder/physique competitor's lifestyle.  I don't compete but I train and live my life like I do.  I find that prioritizing my health as a lifestyle choice is the most important thing to me, outside of my relationships with the people I love most. 

Many people who compete or who take their fitness seriously, set aside Sunday as "meal prep day".  They spend time on Sundays grilling chicken and salmon and portioning out tuna and brown rice and veggies ...measuring oatmeal into cups so that they can stay on track with what they are supposed to be eating each day. 

Usually typical day of meals for a strict fitness competitor will consist of 4-6 containers of rice, grilled meat and boiled vegetables, along with any supplements they are taking.  

It might look like this:

Well, I don't eat that much meat.  My diet focuses primarily on fresh, raw, organic fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds.  I do eat fish and meats but sparingly.

Here's what meal prep day looks like in my kitchen on Sunday:

First I make salads with a plethora of veggies and put them into stoneware, glass or porcelain bowls that have plastic covers. I also include homemade salad dressings in each one. Shown here is kale salad with cashew dressing on the side. 

Next I cut up fruits for my snacks and lemons for my water. I place those in small glass containers or baggies. 

Saturday night I soak my nuts and seeds for the week. (I buy raw nuts and seeds whenever possible.) I take all the nuts I need for almond milk, cashew milk and trail mixes and cover them with water.  I place them in glass containers on my counter and let them sit overnight. This is supposed to make some of the nutrients more bioavailability and make the nuts easier to digest. 

On Sunday, I take the nuts I plan to snack on and put them in my dehydrator and leave them for the day.  This restores the crunch.  They come out tasting so good!  Especially when they are still warm.  Yummmmm!!!!  I freeze the ones I don't dehydrate to use in nut milks and recipes. 

This is what I do each week to try to stay on track with my goals.  If your planning is piss poor then your results will be too. 

Cheap tip-- purchase nuts in bulk online and portion them out in bags. You will save up to $1 per pound. 

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