Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sick Day Menu - Free Yourself from Bottles and Cans!

Today I have a very bad sinus infection I'm fighting.  My body is craving red and green foods.  My fever however is keeping me from being coherent enough to make lots of complicated foods. I did not want to lean on convenience foods like canned soup and bottles pasteurized juices that In my opinion have no nutrients.  

My sick day menu is as follows:

24 ounces of juiced carrots, strawberries, spinach, apple

Bowl of vegetable broth made with filtered water, smashed garlic, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, spinach, some whole grain noodles and a dash of tamari and nutritional yeast for seasoning. 


Bowl of Homemade Sweet Potato Soup

Here is the recipe for this divine healing nectar. 

One cup of sweet potatoes 

One chopped apple

Handful of pecans

One garlic clove
Blended in Vitamix with 2 cups of warm filtered water and a dash of sea salt.  Divine!

Bon appetite and Nom Nom!

Be well.......

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