Sunday, April 12, 2015

Fast Food Break

Here's a few shots from my lunch today. I was starving and didn't pack anything to take on the road but some figs. (Dumb...)

I stopped at a Wegmans instead of Mcdonalds and got a huge fruit bowl and an avocado.  Thankfully they had some ripe ones there.  It's so hard to find ripe bananas and avocados in a pinch.  I almost always have to buy them and ripen at home. I got lucky today. 

This buttery avocado didn't even need salt.  I cut into it with a plastic knife (I know ...plastic is bad but it's all they had.  It was either that or a salad from fast food.  I opted for this instead of stressing about plastic.) It was perfect and came in it's own little bowl. 

This meal set me back $16.   $14.99 for the giant size party pack fresh fruit bowl and $1.00 for the avocado.  But I will get about 3 meals or snacks out of it so that works out to about $5.33 per meal.  If you look at it that way it's not bad.  I stuffed myself with fruit and ate half the avocado.  Usually I only eat about a 1/4 of the avocado, but I had skipped breakfast today and I was starved. 


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