Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fresh Family Food Cheap Grocery Tips

I spent $60 on a bounty of fresh produce this week to enhance our fruit and veggie selection at the house. 
Banana for snacks and apples for juicing and lunch boxes. 

Carrots for juicing and broccoli slaw for dinner salads.  

More juicing carrots and parsley for seasoning and juicing. 

Red grapes for snacking. Carrot juice and green tea the beverage of choice for us.  I keep it stocked because the people I love, love it. 😊

This week I hit a few good sales and used a for a coupon for trying grocery delivery.  Which came in so handy because I was in bed (read: under the bed dying and praying for death) with the flu this week.  I couldn't take my babies to school or cook dinner for the people I love.  It was horrible. 

I'm back now.  Looking for ways to save us money and eat fresh.  What do ya think?

This week's bill was $140
$60 worth of fresh foods. 

$30 for another case of bananas for me to keep eating with a more raw vegan focus in my daily intake (more on that later)

$10 for organic Mac cheese for the kid, along with some beans from the Indian market.  

$20 for organic frozen veggies. 

Not too bad?  I could feed five people (2 adults and 3 kids) for over a week almost two with this haul. (Not including lunches for the kiddies and a family pack of chicken for the meat eaters -$20)

Bon Apetit!

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