Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cold and Flu Infusion

They got me!  The virus got me!  No....I don't get a flu shot becuase I always have a bad reaction to them. Stopped years ago.... Have only had the flu once since. Until NOW! (I don't advise skipping the flu shot. This is what I do.  I am not your doctor. You do what you feel is best and most advisable for your own health.)


I was so miserable and in so much pain that I wanted to write my last will and testament. Given the amount of stress I have been under lately I think my immune system withdrew from classes for the semester.  

So here I am, lying in bed praying for the sweet release of death, when it occurred to me to do three things. I'm a health advocate. I can do this!

One - start juicing vegetables and mega dosing bowls of leafy greens. 

Two - take an herbal remedy/mineral cocktail. 

Three - literally do everything in my power to sleep for 48 hours straight. 

The combination worked wonders. Six days later, I still feel like a bus ran over me, but I am no longer praying for death and hopefully tomorrow I will be well enough to return to work and the land of the living. 

Here's what I juiced:
Carrots, celery, spinach and garlic. Yuck! Don't judge me.  I drank 32 ounces of this twice a day. Along with green tea. 

Here's what I took:
I took these two or three times a day according to the bottle's dosage recommendations. 

I advise you see a doctor immediately if you think you have the flu and do what they tell you.  I went to an MD. I tested positive for the flu virus. I immediately removed myself from all other humans and proceeded to try to heal. The above regimen is what I added when after three days, I felt horribly worse not better.  

And when I say worse, I mean WORSE.  I thought I was truly going to die.  It was at that moment that I regretted not giving a few people a piece of my mind and instead taking the high road....funny how at death's door you regret the things you didn't say.  Lol.  I won't elaborate here but there were some cuss words involved.  I digress, that's a story for another day. I'll have to do more yoga or something to ground myself better when I am back at 100%. Life is coming at me these days.  But I will survive!

Be well!

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