Monday, November 9, 2015

My Dream Thanksgiving

I dream of a vegan holiday that my family would enjoy ...
Vegan Nut Loaf shaped like a turkey.  How cute is he!???

My favorite holiday salad courtesy of Delish!

Wild rice and root vegetables over arugula. Are you kidding me??  So beautiful!

Vegan Mac and "cheese".  So wonderful topped with freshness and tomatoes.  

Apple pie courtesy of I love this recipe. I have made this one for my family and it's time consuming but so delicious!

Blueberry Nice Cream .......

I would love to just serve this for my family of meat eaters for the holidays.  I will make some raw and vegan freshness to share, but if I don't roast a turkey, my mother will disown me.  The turkey I cook reminds her of her mother.  If I can give her a fond memory of my beloved MommomNana, then I have no problems with doing that just for her.  

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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