Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kung Pao What?!!!

This is my apricot and walnut stir fry.  

I was in the mood for takeout Chinese food but by the time I order it and have it delivered, I have spent way too much money. 

This is much less expensive and I get way more bang for my buck!  Best part about this dish is that after I eat it, I'm full and energized.  Not stuffed, lethargic and hungry an hour later.  

Cheap tip: Make your own.  It's not that hard and it's def cheaper than delivery!

For this simple dish I browned extra firm organic tofu with some onions.  Then I made a sauce with apricot and peach purée, walnuts, soy sauce. Tossed it with some fresh herbs, crushed dried pepper flakes for heat and raw red peppers for crunch.   I served it over steamed short grain brown rice. 

Oh my gosh!  This is soooooo good.  

I served it in my new heart shaped bowls because I love it!

Bon Apetit and Eat up!!!!

Thanks for reading and following.  Love, Hav!

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